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GSF, an independent French group, specialized in hygiene and cleaning services, across all industries throughout France.

Set up in 1963 by Jean Louis Noisiez, its founder and chairman, the GSF group is one of the leaders in the cleaning and associated services sector in France. Today, the company employs over 30.000 people in France.

With steady, uninterrupted growth for over fifty years, the GSF Group has always pursued its self-development in complete financial independence.

Firmly convinced since the outset that a Group’s strength is also rooted in its corporate social and environmental performance, the Group pursues its proactive CSR programme with determination, respecting its teams and clients.


branches in France


new branches created
in 2016


subsidiary dedicated to the airport sector created in 2016

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New contracts, contract renewals, innovation, quality, commitments:
2016 a highly eventful year.

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Shared Values and

Thanks to the values and commitments shared, at all levels of the organisation, the GSF Group is able to achieve uninterrupted, steady growth.

Our values and commitments