Interview with Jean Louis Noisiez

GSF Group’s Chairman

«In a particularly competitive sector, GSF’s organization model continues to demonstrate its relevance.»

How do you explain GSF’s overall performance?

When I created the company, I devised a model based on strong principles and values: independence, high standards, out-performance, pride in work well done, honor commitments. This concept has proved its worth in terms of solid and steady growth, as well as social cohesion. Based primarily on customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty, this has always been part of my long-term vision for the company. GSF’s overall performance can therefore be defined as follows: acquire new customers, new makets, cultivate innovation and agility, and create new solutions that benefit everyone without losing sight of our fundamentals.
We are constantly preparing for the future, and the Group can count on the new governance structure that I have put in place to perpetuate this model.

What is your assessment of 2016 for GSF?

The remarkable commitment and involvement of the people who work for GSF have enabled the Group’s turnover to grow by 7.5%, still without any business acquisitions. New contracts wins of all sizes in all sectors: the services, industry, health, food industry and airport sectors grew the most. 2016 was marked by the renewal of major contracts for which technical or organizational innovation was absolutely essential. GSF has demonstrated its ability to meet its clients’ expectations in a rapidly changing environment.

What challenges lie ahead for GSF in 2017?

Above all, the quality of the relationship established with our clients at all levels has always been at the core of our success. What sets GSF apart is its structure and supervision. While the deployment of digital tools allows us to meet our clients’ needs with more flexibility, responsiveness and traceability, there is no substitute for direct contact and ongoing dialogue with each client.

There is a second challenge: to strengthen the joint development of new solutions with our partners, be they clients, suppliers or innovative companies. We are committed to being a central player in cleaning services, but we would also like to offer an extended range of related services. The third challenge as I see it concerns our people, the lifeblood of GSF. We must, as priority, ensure a safe, high-quality working environment for all. Then, our employees must bring young people into the workforce through learning programmes. Providing training and encouraging employee development to bring out their talents that will support our growth is the essence of the Group’s approach to corporate social responsibility. GSF has always favored internal promotion. I want this to be perpetuated because it is a guarantee of the continuation of our corporate culture. This challenge is strongly linked to our social responsibility. Our renewed commitment to the UN Global Compact reflects the importance of this matter for GSF.

How is GSF prepared to meet all of these challenges?

We have a unique entrepreneurial culture based on an efficient organizational model. Maintaining this balance and the collective commitment that characterizes us will allow us to continue to grow. I have confidence in everyone’s commitment to make it happen.